Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I'm up early to watch the Royal Wedding. Unfortunately I didn't get up super duper early, so I missed much of the beginning, but I've been here since 6:30 now. I'm not a little obsessed with England. That may or may not be why I'm watching this. Also, you never know when someone is going to trip, and isn't it more fun to see that when it happens rather than as a replay?

One of my favorite parts of British weddings are the hats. They range from fabulous to ridiculous, and of course-

Oh, hold on a second. I have to bask for a moment in how much I adore Kate's dress. It's a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, one of my favorite designers. The skirt is so pretty! The bodice clean, elegant, and flattering. Aw adorable, they curtsied to the queen. Anyways. I love, love love the stiff collar and neckline, and that lace is so gorgeous. I'm glad she veered away from the Princess-poof and went for a (contradictory here) more modern, classic sort of dress. It's a little sleek, and very elegant. 

They are leaving now. In a carriage.

HE'S PUTTING ON WHITE GLOVES. This is why I love England. Holy goodness.

I wish hats were a thing in America. People here wear them, but they don't wear them. At my wedding (presuming I ever have one) I am going to encourage people to find the most fabulous, ridiculous hats that they can. Maybe I'll give out prizes for the best ones.

So far my favorite hat was wearing a woman who sat behind the queen for much of the ceremony. It was a softy, salmony pink, and hung in front of this woman's eye before projecting upwards in a large shamrock pattern. I thought it was Lady Gaga when I first saw her. I'm only 90% sure I was mistaken.

This summer I'm going to be in England for about a week. I'm going to make it my mission to buy the tackiest commemorative wedding tea towel I can find. Or maybe I'll get something like this mug, which was featured on Regretsy.


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