Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Working on It

Yes, yes, I know.

Nearly two weeks!

I'm a cad. I fully admit this. I should probably let you know that I was on vacation for most of that time, and while on vacation from school/work I also tend to take a break from the computer. After all, I spend upwards of 4, 5 hours a day on the damn thing. It's nice to get away sometimes.

This being said, when will there be a new blog post?

I'm going to be firm on myself and give a deadline in order to make sure I keep it. By tomorrow, at 12 pm.
(That's Thursday, April 28th, for those who don't read this today, which is April 27th. Yay for dates. ). I'm also playing around with a schedule for the future. I think its only fair that you have some idea of when I'll post things. Hopefully I'll let you know that tomorrow as well.

So I'll see you tomorrow. I'll try and be funny, as per usual. We'll see. I have a bunch of goodies saved up from vacation to share, and hopefully you'll be amused. Or you won't. I can't force you to see the genius in my humor.

For now, a little teaser:

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